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Intimate Organics Embrace Tightening Collection


Intimate Organics understand that the vagina changes after childbirth. Couples may feel they do not feel the same embrace connection that they may have had previously. Embrace Vaginal Tightening Pleasure Gel contains a blend of certified organic extracts and natural capsicum in water, sunflower and almond oil base causing a temporary contraction of the vaginal tissue. This unique formula delivers tightness and warmth increasing pleasure for both partners.

his clever and beautiful tightening pleasure collection gives fast temporary results through the Embrace Tightening Gel, and semi permanent results by following the EmbraceTightening Guide and doing the exercise described with the stainless steel kegel balls.


  • Embrace Tightening Pleasure Gel
  • Ultra Hygienic Stainless Steel Kegel Balls in Velveteen Pouch
  • Embrace Tightening Guide Book
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